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Flashcards for learning and revising A level Chemistry, AQA, CCEA, CIE, Edexcel, IB, OCR, Salters, WJEC, UK, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, International

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ChemGym Flashcards is a web app that should work even when you don't have a connection to the Internet.

It achieves this by downloading all the files it needs when it does have an internet connection and saving them for later.

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When you first start using ChemGym Flashcards it will try to download about 1 megabyte of data. Depending on the speed of your connection this could take anything from 20 seconds up to several minutes.

When all the necessary files have been downloaded successfully, ChemGym Flashcards will display the message "Content cached for offline working".

If you are interested you can check the progress of the download by navigating to the "About" page.

While the download is going on, you should be able to use ChemGym Flashcards as normal.

As further content is added to ChemGym Flashcards or any corrections are made, the changed files should automatically be downloaded to your device.

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Frequently asked questions

Which exam boards does ChemGym Flashcards cover?

ChemGym Flashcards contains content relevant to and conveniently organised for the following exam boards

  • AQA
  • CCEA (Northern Ireland)
  • CIE (Cambridge International)
  • Edexcel
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • OCR A
  • OCR B (Salters)
  • WJEC

Much of the content of ChemGym Flashcards will also be relevant to other chemistry courses studied at ages 16-19 but you will have to pick the relevant topics by referring to your syllabus or with advice from your teacher.

Does ChemGym Flashcards cover the whole A level course?

No. ChemGym Flashcards focuses on the parts of the A level course that you can easily test yourself on using flashcards.

The ChemGym quizzes focus on the parts of the A level course that can be marked by a computer.

For other parts of your A level Chemistry course you will need to do others sorts of revision, such as answering whole questions from past papers and comparing your answers to your exam board's mark scheme.

What does the evaluation version of ChemGym Flashcards contain?

The evaluation version of ChemGym Flashcards contains flashcards for the first few topics in the first unit of each specification it covers.

How many devices may I install ChemGym Flashcards on?

There is no fixed limit to the number of devices on which you may install ChemGym Flashcards.

Feel free to install it on your laptop, mobile phone, iPod, tablet etc as you find convenient.

I've lost my registration code, what can I do?

You can click on this button to request that your registration details be resent to the email address you used when you bought ChemGym.

If you have lost your registration code AND have changed your email address since registering, you will need to buy ChemGym again.

What usage data does ChemGym Flashcards send out?

ChemGym sends out a small amount of information each time it is launched, such as the specification you have selected and the other values on the settings page.

ChemGym also sends out a small amount of information each time you show the answer for a flashcard.

The usage data cannot be linked with you personally. It is collected anonymously using the Google Analytics system to assist with the future development of ChemGym Flashcards.

You can opt out of sending usage data on the settings page.

Which browsers does ChemGym Flashcards work on?

ChemGym Flashcards should work on all modern browsers that support HTML 5.

ChemGym Flashcards has been tested and found to work on the following operating systems and browsers.

On Mac OS 10.8.3

  • Google Chrome 24
  • Safari 6
  • Firefox 19
  • Opera 12

On Windows 7 and 8

  • Google Chrome 24
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 19

On iOS6 on an iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation) and iPod Touch (4th generation)

  • Mobile Safari
  • Mobile Chrome

Which browsers does ChemGym Flashcards NOT work on?

ChemGym Flashcards does not work usefully when using any of the following browsers.

  • Opera mini (does not draw text on canvas)
  • Internet Explorer 8 and earlier (no support for canvas)
  • Puffin (TouchPanel does not register clicks/touches correctly)

Some features of ChemGym do not work when using any of the following browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 9 (no app cache so no offline mode)

What can I do if ChemGym Flashcards does not work on my phone or tablet?

Most mobile phones and tablets are sold with a default web browser installed but you can often install other browsers as well via your phone's App Store or Google Play etc

If ChemGym Flashcards does not initially work on your phone try installing a different browser like Google Chrome and using that to launch ChemGym Flashcards.

If your phone is more than a couple of years old it may not be powerful enough to run ChemGym Flashcards but you should be able to use it on your desktop or laptop computer.

How can I report mistakes or suggest improvements to ChemGym Flashcards?

There is a section within the app where you can report mistakes, suggest improvements or find out how to contribute additional flashcards - please see the relevant question on the About page of the app.